The Meaning of Hawaiian Symbols

Having Hawaiian jewelry can bring you an astounding experience, but alongside its looks, this also brings you numerous symbols and meanings which have been passed from one generation to another. Not only that, but each symbol does provide its own sense of energy as well, so you have to try and understand each one before actually wearing it.

Makau – Fish Hook Pendant

This symbol is a synonym of a connection between us and the ocean. The Makau on its own is very distinct, appealing pendant that symbolizes energy and it allows you to maintain the tradition of the Aloha spirit alive. Also, this piece also signifies prosperity, strength and it’s also known to bring in good luck. The pendant on its own can be created out of jade, bone or wood.


A symbol with multiple meanings in this culture, the rainbow is a representative of transformation and it represents a sense of connectivity with the spirits as well as the upper world. As meaning, it brings a sense of abundance and better belief, while also providing the people who wear it with a way to reach the heavens.

Hawaiian Flowers

These flowers are a sign of beauty and it’s a type of jewelry usually worn by women. There are multiple exotic flowers depicted in this regard, with the Bird of Paradise being one of the prime examples. The Hawaiian term for flowers means magnificence and joy, exactly what you get with the Hawaiian jewelry. Not only that, but here you can also find the orchids, which are a symbol of beauty and refinement!

Green Sea Turtle

Turtle jewelry is a symbol of endurance, luck as well as long life. In the Hawaiian culture this also brings in the presence of a guardian spirit known as Aumakua. They can provide you with guidance and luck, so having such a piece can bring you a lot of benefits, which is really good to say the least.

The Guardian Spirits
These particular spirits come in a natural as well as animal form. Natives of this region usually tattoo these spirit symbols on their body for protection, with the most popular ones being the owl, shark and gecko. When you wear such a jewelry piece you think about protection and wisdom, but usually the meaning differs based on the spirit you choose.


These circles can appear in many situations, but they are very significant to the local culture because they signify a durable and long life. They are interconnecting planets and stars, but at the same time they bring a sense of purity and a new life as a whole.

As you can see, the Hawaiian jewelry is mostly based on symbols and most models are connected with the spirit world, which imbues them with a lot of energy and appeal. If you want some astounding jewelry that not only looks great but which has a lot of interesting meanings, then this is definitely what you are looking for!

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