Hei Matau Triple Barb Hook

$ 24.99

The Hei Matau triple barbed hook is derived from the original Maori tribal hook. The Hei Matau is beautifully hand-crafted and is traditionally made from whale bone, however, the Maori Man necklaces are custom carved necklaces made entirely out of recycled Ox bone and hemp. The Maori bone carving is attached using a durable cord that is a adjustable braided hemp line, that comes with solid adjustment beads to fit almost any size. Wear it close to your neck as a choker or longer as a pendant/necklace.

 The Meaning of the Fish Hook - Makau

This symbol is a synonym of a connection between us and the ocean. The Makau on its own is very distinct, appealing pendant that symbolizes energy and it allows you to maintain the tradition of the Aloha spirit alive. Also, this piece also signifies prosperity, strength and it’s also known to bring in good luck. The pendant on its own can be created out of jade, bone or wood.

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