Hawaiian Hand Crafted Koa Wood Hibiscus Flower Necklace

$ 20.00

The beautiful Hibiscus Maori Flower is a custom carved necklace made entirely out of recycled Koa Wood and hemp. This whimsical necklace is easily a favorite choice as gifts for girlfriends, wives, mothers, and friends who are looking to give a piece of jewelry that is as beautiful as the person who would wear it. The Maori Koa wood carving is attached using a durable cord that is a adjustable braided hemp line, that comes with solid adjustment beads to fit almost any size. Wear it close to your neck as a choker or longer as a pendant/necklace.

The meaning of Hawaiian flowers -
These flowers are a sign of beauty and it’s a type of jewelry usually worn by everyone. There are multiple exotic flowers depicted in this regard, with the Bird of Paradise being one of the prime examples. The Hawaiian term for flowers means magnificence and joy, exactly what you get with the Hawaiian jewelry. Not only that, but here you can also find the orchids, which are a symbol of beauty and refinement!

Design - Traditional Hawaiian
Materials - Koa Wood, Hemp

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