Double Fish Hook Rakau Koa Wood Necklace


Unveiling the Double Fish Hook Rakau Koa Wood Necklace, a powerful emblem of Māori culture, radiating strength and agility. A part of the respected Rakau Combo—derived from Rākau Māori, the phrase for Māori weaponry—this piece manifests the Māori warrior’s spirit in every curve and nuance of its design.
In the age-old battles, Māori ‘toa’, or warriors, were known for their prowess in hand-to-hand combat. Armed with long-handled weapons like the ‘taiaha’ and shorter ‘patu’, often crafted from whale bone, they valiantly leaped into battle. This necklace, intricately designed, seeks to echo that historic command of the Māori warriors.
Our Double Fish Hook Rakau Koa Wood Necklace is a tribute to these venerable warriors. This piece doesn’t only express your unique style but also connects you to a rich history, allowing you to carry the valiant spirit of the Māori warriors with you.
Embark on a journey celebrating Māori heritage with our necklace, mirroring tales of courage and warrior skills. Wear your Double Fish Hook Rakau Koa Wood Necklace with pride, as each thread weaves you closer to the fascinating world of Māori tradition.”

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The Rakau Combo, derived from the Maori word: Rākau Māori which means Māori weaponry. The Rakau Combo represents strength and swiftness in hand to hand combat. It was common for toa (warriors) to take a long handled weapon such as a taiaha (long-handled fighting staff) and a short weapon such as a patu (club) that were made of whale bone into battle.

Approximate Pendent Size

1 1/4" Wide x 2.25" Long

Cord Necklace Length

Approx. 12" long (Adjustable)


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