What Is the Meaning of Hei Matau Hook Necklaces?

 Hei Matau is a symbol of good luck in the Maori culture. The fish hook shape represents strength, courage and determination.

The hei matau is worn around the neck as a pendant and can be made from many different types of material such as bone, wood or shell. It was traditionally worn by warriors to protect them from drowning in battle and also served as a good luck charm for fishermen who believed it would bring them success in their endeavors.

In modern times the hei matau has become popular with tourists who visit New Zealand because it has become a symbol of the country itself.

The History

Hei Matau is a powerful symbol of good luck , safe travels over water, and protection. In Maori legend, it is believed that the Hei Matau can bring luck, wealth, abundance and protection to the owner. The word ‘hei’ means ‘to be fortunate and happy’ while ‘matau’ means ‘fish hook’.

Hei Matau is a representation of a fish hook, which is a common tool used by fishermen in New Zealand. It is believed that the shape of Hei Matau resembles the shape of an upturned fishing hook, which makes it a symbol of strength and protection.

Hei Matau was used as an amulet by Maori people from ancient times. The Maoris believed that Hei Matau would protect them from evil spirits and bad luck. They also believed that Hei Matau could help them to achieve success in their lives.

Choosing The Right Necklace

When you wear a hei matu necklace, you’re connecting to the ocean in a way that’s deeply rooted in Maori culture. It’s said to symbolize strength, good luck, and safe passage over water. The design on the hei matu necklace not only symbolizes a strong connection to the ocean but also to Tangaroa, the god of the sea. The ocean is deeply rooted in Maori culture, historically being a significant source of nourishment and also the reason for a variety of religious ceremonies. Such ceremonies were typically undertaken prior to fishing and were based around the hooks the fishermen were about to use.

The god Tangaroa was an important figure in Māori culture, as he was thought to control the oceans and seas. The Māori people believed that if they made offerings to Tangaroa he would send them luck while they were out at sea, protecting them from harm while they fished. This was done by chanting prayers and songs in order for him to give them strength and guidance.

If you’re looking for a hei matu necklace, or a Maori fish hook necklace, this is the perfect piece to show respect for Maori heritage and beliefs. If you’re just passing through, reminiscing on a trip of the past, or a resident with strong ties to Aotearoa, this fish hook design is the perfect taonga (treasure) tying one to New Zealand culture and scenery.

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