Hawaiian Double Fish Hook Rakau Koa Wood and Ox Bone Combo

$ 24.99

The Rakau Combo, derived from the Maori word: Rākau Māori which means Māori weaponry. The Rakau Combo represents strength and swiftness in hand to hand combat. It was common for toa (warriors) to take a long handled weapon such as a taiaha (long-handled fighting staff) and a short weapon such as a patu (club) that were made of whale bone into battle.

This Rakau Combo is made of Koa Wood and recycled Ox bone and was designed to incorporate the taiaha and patu into a necklace that would bring strength and swiftness to the Maori in hand to hand combat. The Koa wood used is from 100% sustainable grown trees. The Koa wood is a durable and unique wood which is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and as you can see in the images, it polishes beautifully. The Maori bone carving is attached using a durable cord that is a adjustable braided hemp line, that comes with solid adjustment beads to fit almost any size. Wear it close to your neck as a choker or longer as a pendant/necklace.

Design - Traditional Hawaiian
Materials - Koa Wood and Ox Bone
Approximate pendent size - 1 1/4" Wide x 2.25" Long
Cord Necklace: Approx. 26" long (Adjustable)

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